Noran Nass

Rudders? Where we're going we don't need rudders!


A wild haired masaquani who is well known throughout the Kieran Empire for his skill in shipbuilding. He is equal partners with the scurillian Thratamas at Noran and Thratamas’ Shipworks on the 7th Terrace of Kiera. It is a well forged partnership, Thratamas balances the books while Noran oversees the shipbuilding and repair. Noran is known for being rather eccentric, often creating ship designs that seem insane to everyone else. Nevertheless, the unfathomable design choices always produce some of the finest ships in all of Caribdus.

During the Campaign

Recently, Noran Nass was kidnapped by the forces of Emperor Jarris Jant. He was taken to the island of Tarris where he was forced to work on The Terror, a great warship which was to be the ultimate weapon of the Kieran Empire. He was forced to work on the ship for many months before his daughter Ursa Ulm put out a reward of 20,000 pieces of eight for his return. This call for help was answered by the crew of Capt. Julius Azores and the crew of the Cicero. He escaped with the crew of the Cicero as they blew up the Terror. Upon returning to Kiera, Noran used his shipbuilding skills to greatly improve their ship and promised them that they no matter how much the Kieran Empire searched for their heads, they’d always have shelter at his dry-dock.

Noran Nass

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